Our Principals

Our Principals

• Respect for the ethics and sanctity of the profession.
• Permanent focus on our patients.
• Our continuous search for opportunities to improve performance.
• Understanding the needs of benefactors
• Recognition of the importance of each member of the medical team.
• Provide an atmosphere fit for work .
• Continuing to provide medical services to the community.
• Training and continuing education for employees.

The Center’s Objectives

• Improve the health and comfort of the patient , where the patient is the focus of everyone 's attention inside the center .
• Provide a high level of health care.
• Adherence to professional ethics and maintain a particular
• Focus on preventive health care.
• To play an active role in health education for all segments of society and the continuous training of medical staff .
• Work to increase the satisfaction of the continuous reviewers .
• Creation of a climate action center built to encourage the continuous improvement of the quality of health care .
• The effective use of information technology to support the planning and management and improve patient care services .


The Center’s Objectives
About Us

About Us

Since we are aspiring to be a pioneering center in the region, we are committed to providing integrated medical care, preventive and curative in all medical specialties and rehabilitation to meet the needs and requirements of our patients in all sincerity and professional responsibility, where we strive to achieve excellence and quality in the provision of primary medical care and advanced consulting specialist . And for this we bear in mind the following:

• The needs and expectations of the patient is the center of our attention .
• Recruitment and training of highly qualified professionals .
• The utilize modern technology.
• The development of professional management and adaptive to requirements.
• Quality performance at an affordable cost 

Vision And Goal

The founders of Shatti Al Qurum Medical Center aspire to be the best medical center in the Sultanate of Oman , by providing superior medical service to nationals and residents in the city of Muscat. To be one of the best centers of medical care granting access to quality world-class medical health care with moderate cost and reasonable rates affordable to all of our patients

Vision And Goal